M i t o W h e e l ∙ 2.0

Updated on April 5th, 2016
Human mtDNA sequence list updated on February 10th, 2016

Developed by
Gábor Zsurka (concept, programming, graphics)
Attila Csordás (ideas, testing, social media)

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MITOMAP: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database. http://www.mitomap.org
Mamit-tRNA: Compilation of mammalian mitochondrial tRNA genes http://mamit-trna.u-strasbg.fr
Anderson, S. et al. (1981) Sequence and organization of the human mitochondrial genome. Nature 290, 457–465. (GenBank entry J01415)
Andrews, R.M. et al. (1999) Reanalysis and revision of the Cambridge reference sequence for human mitochondrial DNA. Nature Genetics 23, 147. (GenBank entry NC_012920)